American Candy Tour spring 2015 USA / Canada 




Project serivce highlights


  • lighting package design, tour prep and rental 


  • Pre production 3D CAD and Visualization 


  • Tour operation and setup staff 


  • Pre tour program and rehearsal time with band


  • Modular package design for minimal trailer space 


  • Spare fixtures and control options on hand for redundancy and assurance on the road.


  • quality professional lighting equiptment








 Project gear highlights 


  • Elation Platinum beam 5r 

  • Elation Design wash LED60  

  • Mega Lite FX18 1meter LED battens 

  • Custom 1cell Crowd Blinders  

  • Avolites Titan mobile with Playback wing running V9. 

  • Avolites T1 PC backup 

  • Elation F3 Fazer  


  Project Staff 


Lighting Designer programmer and tour operator


  • Jordan Auge 


Assitant programmer 


  •   Chris LIT 


production  prep and inventory 


  •   Jonathan Brekken 

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