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The Great Gig in The Sky

Project serivce highlights


  • lighting package rental 


  • Pre program and rehearsal time with band


  • Modular package design for minmal trailer space 


  • Spare fixtures on hand for redundancy and assurance on the road 


  • quality professional lighting equiptment






 Project gear highlights 


  • Elation Platinum beam 5r 

  • PR Xled2007 mini RGBW washes 

  • Chamsys Mq60  

  • Haze Base Base hazer pro 

  • LEX power distrobution System. 






  • Great Gig in the sky,

        A tribute to pink floyd. 



  • Prescott valley event center Arizona 

        Show date: 1/23/15



Lighting, Speciasl FX and custom screen

  • LIT Lighting 


Lighting designer and operator 

  • Jesse "Load dog" Henke 


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